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Nepalese people are traditionally warm and friendly and treat foreigners with a mixture of curiosity and respect. ‘Namaste’ (Hello how are you? is a universal greeting, accompanied by placing the hands in a prayer like position. Most Nepali speak at last some English, though smiles and gestures work well where language is a barrier.

Nepal culture is diverse and traditional. Most of you may find it surprising s well. Therefore, following tips are for your convenience:

- You are advised to use two hands in showing appreciation and respect, while giving or receiving something including money.

- It is better not to point with a single finger. You cab use flat extended hand to indicate a sacred object or place.

- Avoid touching woman and holy men particularly in Hindu culture. “Namaste” greeting is preferable.

- Don't eat with your left hand nor eat beef among Hindus.

- It is extremely disappointing to point your feet at another person, a sacred place or hearth.

- It is better to remove your shoes while entering a home, a temple and monastery. Leather items are not allowed in Hindu temples. Smoking and wearing scant dresses in religious ceremony is discouraged.

- Do not offer food from your plate, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.

- The sight of men holding hands is common, but men and women holding hands, and general acts of affection, are frowned upon.

- Ask for permission before taking pictures, specially inside holy shrines and temple.

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