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Q.1. what is the mode of payment?
You can pay by credit cards such as visa card, master card and American express and we accept major currencies of the world. You can use credit card in hotels, restaurant and shopping centers too.

Q.2. How safe it is to travel in Nepal?
Nepal is relatively safe to travel. The crime rates against foreigners are very low. However, females are suggested not to be alone in the road after mid-night. In case you need the help of police and Ambulance, you can dial at 100 and 102 respectively.

Q.3. what are the adventure options available in Nepal?
Those who love adventurous sports rarely find the time to remain idle in Nepal . Nepal is described as the paradise for adventure. The major adventure activities are mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, white-water-rafting, kayaking, canoeing, mountain flights, hot air ballooning, pony trekking, jungle safaris, bird watching, fishing, hang-gliding, ultra-ling aircraft ride, bungy jumping, etc. When you choose Nepal for the trek, you will get many opportunities to observe diverse cultures.

You will come to notice charming scenery of the beautiful mountains while doing trek below the icy Himalayan peaks. The local village is inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. People prefer to do different types of treks such as expedition, high altitude treks and easy pace walks. Those who can not resist the hurdles that are likely to come during mountain climbing can observe the top of the mountain by mountain flight. You can click the link given below to know more about the adventure related information in Nepal.

Q.4. How much should I give as tipping while traveling in Nepal?
Obviously, every people who are engaged in tourism industry expect tips. In hotels and restaurants, tips are not necessary because the prices are fixed with service charge. However, 10% of the total bill can be allocated for tips. This amount can be decreased when you are traveling in a big group. You are also supposed to give little tips for those who carry your baggage in the hotels rooms. We advice you to give tips as per the service quality and the satisfaction you get.

Q.5. what shopping I can do in Nepal?
You have got different choices when you go for shopping in Nepal . While roaming around the market, you can see the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism. All the masks, figures and other items are made along the line of Hinduism and Buddhism. Most popular shopping items in Kathmandu are Tibetan carpets, Jewelers, pottery, art and craft items, leather jackets, hand made belts, statues of Lord Buddha, wooden toys, decorated metal knives and varieties of hand-made garments like shawls, sweaters, trousers and caps. You can bargain with the shopkeepers as the first quoted price is higher than the real price of the commodities.

Q.6. How can I book my tour in advance?
If you are traveling in high tourist season i.e. between October to November and March to April, you have to book the tour six to ten months before. Because of the limitation of the infrastructure in tourism industry in Nepal , you are asked to book the trip in advance.

Q.7 Points to be considered for the first time visitors in Nepal
You can visit the page 'About Nepal ' for the general information. In case you do not find any information that you are looking for, you can write to us. We will be happy to answer your questions. You are also highly encouraged to make some back ground readings before coming to Nepal . It will make your trip more exciting. During your tour, we will provide you the guide who speaks the language of your choice and he/she will also let you know many more things about Nepal.

Q.8. what is the toilet situation?
In the city area, our guests stay at star hotels which have western standard private bathrooms. However, you will have to use some basic and shared bathrooms in rural areas. Sometimes, we even set up a toilet tents during the trek. In case of Tibet and India , you can find improvised western seats too. The toilet tent is set away from the camp. In restaurants and public places, you can find toilets but they lack western standards. Therefore, you are advised to carry tissue papers in your daypack during travel days.

Q.9. who can travel with us?
We receive the clients from the all walks of life. However, people from their early fifteen to late seventies can travel with us. We accept people from all nationalities and the means of communication is English though. We have never faced any problem of age difference so far for trekking is all about making your trip more adventurous and fun.

Q.10. what type of flight facilities do you offer?
As we are Nepal based company, we suggest you to arrange international flight tickets yourself. And domestic flight tickets are included in our tour packages.

So far as hotel booking is concerned, we take care of that. Our other services are river rafting, city guided tour, Mountain flight, jungle safari etc according to your requirements.

Q.11. what about the physical fitness for trekking in Nepal?
For short trekking, you need not to have any hiking experience as long as you are in a good physical shape. It is better to do long hikes at home in advance if you are planning to go for trekking longer than two weeks.

Q.12. Are your all staffs insured?
Our all staffs including guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters are fully insured. We take pride in the fact that our all staffs are well paid and insured properly. They are provided all required equipments in the high altitude trekking.

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