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Physical Conditioning

There are few requirements for personal safety, success and team compatibility such as adequate training and excellent physical condition. Climbers need to be able to carry 20lbs or more and they must be prepared both physically and mentally to deal with the arduous situations at high altitudes. The physical fitness is also important for personal enjoyment and success of the team. In order to meet your particular needs, you can contact us and we can help you by developing a training program.

Physical fitness essential for mountaineering

It is quite obvious that climbing requires strength and stamina. Sound physical fitness is the most important part for climbing success. You are likely to perform well and enjoy the journey more if you are physically fit and sound. We have found many people underestimating their physical fitness for enjoying the climbing. In the other hand, inadequate physical fitness has the effect upon the atmosphere, pace and overall enjoyment of the trip. Therefore, you are kindly requested to contact us for making the better preparation for climbing.

Therefore, you are advised to check your physical fitness before embarking for trekking. Otherwise, we will be obliged to turn away those clients who do not meet minimum physical fitness requirement.

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