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Bandipur Moutaion Resort

bandipur-moutaion-resortBandipur, an ancient Newari mountain town, is a treasure waiting to be discovered by travelers. Situated 7 kilometers above Dumbre Bazaar at an altitude of 1,005 meters, this ancient trading post lies cradled in the saddle of some of the country's most peculiar-shaped hills. Untouched by modernization, and laced with an abundance of ancient houses, temples of great significance, and historical architecture, this medieval-era town boasts of festivals all year around besides offering a plethora of cultures.

The neighboring villages with majority population of Magars, Gurungs, Bahuns, Chhetris, Damais and Sarkis contribute to the cultural diversity of the region. The hilltop town not only overlooks the incredible expanse of the Marsyanngdi river valley, but also offers a breathtaking sweep of the Himalayan range, from Langtang in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west. From nearby hilltops, one can see as far as Manakamana and Gorkha to east, and the great Chitwan plains to the south, among others. Once a bustling commercial center along the trade route linking Tibet with British, the town’s people heartily welcome travelers from near and far. While the Siddha Gufa (the largest cavern in the country) and Patali Dwar (also known as the Gateway to Heaven) are must-sees, this place also offers endless hiking possibilities in the surrounding hills.


Particulars Single Room Double Room
EP (Room Only) US $ 25.00 US $ 30.00
BB (Bed & Breakfast) US $ 40.00 US $ 50.00
MAP (Breakfast & Lunch or Dinner) US $ 54.00 US $ 70.00
AP (All Meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) US $ 64.00 US $ 90.00

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