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Tourist Visas Information

Your visa has to be approved prior to air ticketing and your arrival in Bhutan . Once you confirm your tour arrangements, we will apply for your visas. We will need all of the following details.

  • Your full name (EXACTLY as it appears in your passport)
  • Permanent address
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue and expiration of passport
  • Date and place of birth

Your Bhutan visa will be stamped in your passport only when you arrive in Bhutan . You will have to pay US$ 20 cash upon arrival and present a passport photo with your passport number written on the back. We can process a visa extension for you if necessary.

Visa Formalities

All visitors require Visa in Bhutan except, Indians, and all visas are issued from Thimphu ; visas are only issued to tourists booked with a local licensed tour operator, directly or through a foreign travel agent. Applications for tourist visas are submitted by the tour operator. Visa clearance from Thimphu must be obtained before coming to Bhutan . Visa clearance takes at least 10 days to process. Air tickets to Bhutan cannot be purchased without visa clearance. At your point of entry, the visa will be stamped in your passport on payment of US$20, two passport photos will also be required. Visas are issued for a 15day period; extensions can be obtained in Thimphu at a cost of Nu.510

Step follows are the Visa Application\ following are the steps for Visa application

Visa applications for Bhutan take up to six weeks to process. As soon as you have decided on an itinerary and have made payments for your trip, we will be able to make your reservations on Druk Air. To make these reservations, we will need your application.

  1. Download visa application form
  2. Fill out form in detail
  3. Return form as an attachment by e-mail or in the body of your message.
  4. Bring two passport type & size photos with you to present at the immigration desk in Paro. The visa will cost you US$20 cash upon arrival.

VISA NOTE: For Bhutan visas, use your full name exactly as it appears on your passport.
It is absolutely imperative that your Druk Air ticket have the same name as your passport and your visa has.


Tour Programmes booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:

  • within 30 days of start of programme ~ no charges
  • within 21 days ~ 10% of rate
  • within 14 days ~ 15% of rate
  • within 7 days ~ 30% of rate
  • less than 7 days or without notice ~ 50% of rate
  • after arrival in Bhutan ~ 100%

Delayed Arrivals

There is no charge for delays in arrival and departure because of weather conditions disrupting flights or road blocks. The tourist must however bear the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, and other services required.

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